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July 28, 2013
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Statistics on religious affiliations of inmates by fiskefyren Statistics on religious affiliations of inmates by fiskefyren
Who're the "bad" guys again? I'm confused...

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codyrush Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Filmographer
mormons will be be very please to not there are at least three times as many adventist in prison than them. 
fiskefyren Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
codyrush Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Student Filmographer
Correction: more than twice as many. Either way they'll be thrilled. lol.

 I'm an atheist but the sum of my immediate family are mormon and adventism is an apostate branch of mormonism. Same as the Jehovah witnesses: so that's two things mormonism spawned besides Mitt Romney that annoy the hell out of me. Actually adventist don't annoy me, so much as disconcert me. It's a cult another cult rejected. This seems to be the summary statement for all christian religions: one cult splintering off from another, already goofy one. 

 The christian cult centered around the worship of an allegedly miraculous carpenter in Palestine; and somehow, through intimidation, ignorance, violence and political maneuvering--and the strategic duality of the Christians with the roman state--it became one of the most socio-politically prevalent rackets on the planet. All thanks to a dead Jew nobody can conclusively PROVE even existed. Despite the fact that we CAN prove multiple gospels to be forgeries that barely corroborate on the details of christ's life, trial, death or resurrection. Even if the new testament were's fundamentally psychotic. 

 The story is so humiliating it's no wonder christians deny it or lionize it. They have to not to feel like complete morons. 
flaming-ninjah Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually I think you'll find that Adventists never had much to do with Mormons, Adventism came from a guy called William Miller who was a baptist lay preacher but you're right Jehovahs Witnesses did come from Adventism.
codyrush Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Filmographer
Are you certain? Because I seem to recall a 7th day Adventist explaining to me his religion came from a woman who also saw God, simiilar to Joseph Smith. 
flaming-ninjah Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
7th day is a later form of adventism the original adventists were the Millerites, you can find out basically everything about the history on Wikipedia, it's quite well documented.
codyrush Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Filmographer
but wikipedia isn't credited intelligence. It's just a source dump with summaries of material, cobbled together by amateur acadamics and would-be historians.  
ekwood Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
I suspect you are a troll but I am intrigued nevertheless. Let's see where this goes.

I doubt you are worried about actually making a convincing argument, but I will make an attempt to contribute regardless.

The implied argument here, I am choosing to believe, is that contrary to popular belief Christianity actually increases the likelihood of incarceration.

To that end, this lacks some important information that it would need in order to be compelling from a statistical perspective. Specifically: from what population do the inmates of this prison system originate and what does the distribution of religious affiliation look like for said population?

Then given that information you could expect one of three outcomes:

A. The percentage of the population who are Christian is higher in prison than out of it. This would imply there is a positive correlation between being christian and being incarcerated.

B. The percentage is about the same inside and out. This would imply that being Christian is not a relevant predictor of your chances to be incarcerated.

C. The percentage of the population who are Christian is lower in prison than out of it. This would imply that there exists a negative correlation.

I seem to recall that the nationwide percentage of those affiliated with some form of Christianity is north of 85%. I hope I am wrong, because if not then you just went and made their point for them.

As things are, the only practical use of this [de]motivational style image you have is to provoke and incense Christians or to appeal to already like minded individuals. Seeing as how statistical evidence has never proved to be particularly persuasive to Christians even at the best of times, I can only conclude that you are either unaware of how unlikely your efforts are to matter, or you have some other motivation for producing this, E.G. your own satisfaction at asserting some form of intellectual superiority to a group with which you refuse to make any attempt at understanding or communicating with in a meaningful way while openly dismissing/belittling their competence.

I don't care for ignorance wherever it arises, but at least Christians don't vigorously assert that science is, in fact, on their side. Science is not on anyone's side; it's a tool, and after reading enough of your patronizing, abrasive, antagonistic jargon I am beginning to think that so are you.

Well, that was fun. Have a nice day.
codyrush Featured By Owner Edited Nov 7, 2014  Student Filmographer
The argument by the religious is that atheism is inherently immoral and, by implication, spawns immoral people: when the reality is, actually, um they're one of the smallest demographics of law breakers, who are typically all immoral for one reason or another in the eyes of society. It's a refutation of a religious stigma and a fallacy. Furthermore, it's the proposal that perhaps, since it's the religiously affiliated that make up the sum of convicts--these people having regimented their lives around a quantifiable ethos--that perhaps maybe this prevalence of the religious in cell block warrants an investigation.

Perhaps there may be something ugly and immoral about religion inherently that is inspiring this criminal behavior. I don't know what it could be: possibly the fact that the bible and the torah and the Qu'ran lionize, gentrify or apologize sexism, racism, infanticide, rape and terrorism--just to name a few things--mmmmaybe, just possibly, there's--since the incarcerated are a very small minority in society--that these religions are inspiring a very violent fringe element of terrorists and thugs. The percentage might be SMALL, but they make up for that in their radical behavior. That, sir, is worth of scrutiny and discourse.  

 It seems the people who DON'T subscribe to a totalitarian deity, who monitors and scrutinizes their every thought, word and action in a game of cosmic doll house--it seems THOSE people, who take full responsibility for their actions--who don't believe the Devil or God made them do it; or demanded it of them; or forgive them for it, whatever "it" may be--it seems these people aren't exhibiting behavior worthy of the state pen. And if it's fair to scrutinize WHY religion seems to be inducing a small and very violent fringe of the US population, then it's fair to ask why atheists make up the third smallest percentage of this group. That is if logic and debate mean anything to you. 
fiskefyren Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
Well, people keep saying dumb shit like that just because I say something that is proven them wrong, and thus the best defence is just call troll. By this point it has pretty much become a defence mechanism for people online.

Then you haven't read the comments.

Yes, this is backed up by the fact that the least religious nations in the world are also the most peaceful ones. This is a fact.

Well, google is your friend, but the more important point of this was that if Christians are so great, good, awesome and moral, then there shouldn't be a single one in jail, no, it should all be "evil" Muslims, baby-eating Atheists etc.

A, B + C. Without doing any complicated maths. The US goes something like this: 6+% Atheists and 73% Christians. So by the looks of it (when compared to inmates), it means that Atheists are less likely to go to jail. Which does make a lot of sense, Atheists don't have a book that tells me to rape their enemies virgins, to stone children to death etc.

What point? That if Christians weren't total assholes then they wouldn't be in jail at all and that Christianity doesn't make people good? Then yes!

Provoking Christians? Good. Then I'm achieving that I want to.
Persuasive? Haha, yeah, that's because Christians don't live in reality. You can't use facts to make Christians change their mind, because their book says Earth is flat, and that is just the way it is! And you better watch out or they will throw you off the edge of the world XD sorry, I was just laughing really hard when I wrote this XD
What do you mean? You sound like I'm trying to convert people... I've no interest of converting anyone or anything. I'm not a Christian. I don't try to brainwash people.
Hm? Yes, I'm part of the Illuminati, you couldn't possibly understand our plans for world conquest! Muhahaha! Anyway, I do have good conversations from time to time here, but they are as rare as the intelligence of Christians. Almost non-existing! 

Science has proven the Bible wrong countless times, so obviously Christians would never say it's on their side (beside those fucktards known as Creationists). 

I found it a little boring. I would like to see something new rather than addressing old shit that I've already been over before.
-with love from an Agnostic
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